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“ Epic App. Updates archive of mashups, and plays off anything anytime, in person! Real handy. ”
Charlie Schmidt
“ A dream come true for all Keyboard Cat fans. ”
— Kingo116
“ Best app to play after being laid off. ”
— Bagelfather

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Play your friends off!

Have the popular Keyboard Cat YouTube sensation at your fingertips with this fun iPhone app!

This is the Official Keyboard Cat app for iPhone, sanctioned by Charlie Schmidt himself!

Bring Keyboard Cat to the rescue in real life situations!

The original videos are bundled and ready to play on cue at the touch of a button.

Get instant access to the latest and funniest videos featuring Keyboard Cat through the app's exclusive hand-picked feed!

Get the latest videos from the Keyboard Cat Church and send your questions straight to Fatso!

The app does not require Internet access and can be used anywhere, even on iPod touch. Note that Internet access is however required to stream YouTube videos.

Get it now for FREE on iTunes!

Version History

Version 3.3 (released December 15, 2013)
Version 3.1 (released December 1, 2012)
Version 3.0 (released November 5, 2012)
Version 2.8 (released December 18, 2011)
Version 2.7 (released February 11, 2011)
Version 2.6.1 (released January 4, 2011)
Version 2.6 (released July 8, 2010)
Version 2.5 (released February 2, 2010)
Version 2.1 (released January 8, 2010)
Version 2.0 (released December 21, 2009)
Version 1.6.1 (released November 13, 2009)
Version 1.6 (released November 2, 2009)
Version 1.5.1 (released October 8, 2009)
Version 1.5 (released September 26, 2009)
Version 1.2 (released August 12, 2009)

Updates are always free, so don't wait and get your copy now!

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to collect and track anonymous usage data inside of the app.

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Video Demonstration

The following YouTube video shows version 2.0 of the app in action.

Original video by Charlie Schmidt

This is the original video that is bundled with the iPhone app, though of higher quality thanks to Charlie's source material!

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