Application design and programming:

Stéphane Peter

Web site:

Stéphane Peter and Jennifer Hiller

Guitar Trainer Translations:
  • French: Stéphane Peter
  • German: Axel Moeller
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Ronie Florez
  • Spanish: Miguel Angel Moreno
  • Catalan: Roman Valls Guimerà
  • Italian: Alex Dr.69Tantra
  • Romanian: Ioniţă Mihai Shumu
  • Hebrew: Idan Katz
  • Dutch: Simon Imre Zwaan
  • Russian and Ukrainian: Gennadiy Galditskiy
  • Turkish: Hasan Dolu
  • Hindi: Bhavin Shah
  • Polish: Boguslaw Szkudlarek
  • Finnish: Joonas Kaselius
  • Chinese: Levis Jin

Volunteers needed for more translations! Send us an email for more information. Included translations will give you access to free downloads, and you will be credited here.

Icon set:

Mark James

Fretuoso Graphics:

Paul Rivera and Shota Bobokhidze

Fretuoso Localization:
Professional services from ICanLocalize